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Buyer’s Rewards Program Buy a property

Redefined Realty created a unique program that rewards you with cash at closing for calling us instead of another agent when you want to see houses – after all, showing houses really is the best part of our job!

Our exclusive Buyer Reward Program is our way of saying thanks. In the real estate industry buyers are like little chunks of gold to real estate agents. While most agents will get you some sort of closing gift, maybe a thank you card, or even a nice potted plant, we know you are worth more than that!

Agent experience matters

Throughout our 17+ year history we’ve closed more than 1,323 buyer side transactions totaling over $300,000,000. We are not aware of any real estate company in Wisconsin that closes more buyer side deals per agent annually than we do. In fact, we have 3 agents in the top 1% nationally and a hungry group right behind them knocking on the door.  Click here to visit our Agents Page and find the perfect agent for you.

Representation is important

Here’s an often overlooked fact – when you look at a house with a Realtor, that Realtor represents the Seller up until the time you sign a Buyer Agency Agreement. If that’s the situation you are in – be very careful about what you say as well as what you put in emails and text messages.

With our Buyer Rewards Program we represent you! It’s more than just finding you houses to look at. It’s about looking for cracks in basement walls, water stains in the corners on the ceilings, negative grade with the outside landscaping. Let the experience of a Redefined Realty agent work for you. Save time and money on inspections and repairs, not to mention headaches down the road. Choose the right agent from the start – choose a Redefined Realty Agent!

Program Details

A Buyer Agency Agreement is required along with the Buyer Rewards Addendum. Valid on purchases of $150,000 or more where Redefined Realty receives the Co-broke Commission as stated in the MLS.

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