Mackenzie Wahlen

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Trust. Understanding. Efficiency. Those three words sum up what most people look for in a real estate agent which is why I try my best to stay true to them. After teaching elementary school for 5 years, I learned the importance of building trusting relationships, checking for my students’ understanding, and staying efficient to ensure their learning needs were fully met.

Since transitioning into being a real estate agent, I knew that I wanted to continue to build strong relationships with my clients, understand what they wanted from me, and remain efficient to respect their time and the timeliness of offers. That is what makes Redefined Realty so special—teams! I work with a team of agents, “TeamTarantino” who can support me by offering advice which in turn will help you. I’m willing to take the time to educate you on selling and/or buying transactions that may seem confusing. Having experience selling newly constructed condominiums, I recognize building materials and interior design elements that can help sellers be successful and ensure that buyers are getting the most for their money.

I hope you will reach out with any questions you may have, and I look forward to the possibility of working with you at Redefined Realty.

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