Commission Plan

Includes 2.4% Co-broke


$0 Upfront 3.99% at closing plus $499

Join the Redefined Realty Team the next time you want to sell a property. Our philosophy is simple – it doesn’t have to cost 6% to sell a home. Information is everywhere. In fact, our listings not only go in the MLS, we direct feed to Zillow, Trulia, Realtor.com, and all the other well respected local Realtor websites.

You know the old saying that the answer is somewhere in the middle. When it comes to real estate commissions that saying really holds true. We know you have many choices when it comes time to list your home – the traditional 6% that we’re all familiar with is one extreme;The Flat Fee, Do-It-Yourself companies are the other extreme. At Redefined Realty we offer you a commission package that truly is somewhere in the middle.

We are often asked about the differences between Redefined Realty and traditional brokers. First and foremost – the commissions. We save people a lot of money. In fact, if you applied our historical sales statics and compared a 3.99% commission to a traditional 6% commission, we’ve saved home sellers over 18 million dollars.

So beside commissions, what else is different? I can tell you this – our agents work harder, are more experienced, are better communicators, and are vastly more efficient. Our name is Redefined Realty Advisors, LLC for a reason. We truly are “Advisors” in a complicated marketplace. We don’t “buy” listings by telling you what you want to hear. We give honest opinions on price right from the start. What does that mean for you? It means your agent won’t be on the phone all day with a different client that is over-priced and demands time-consuming explanations as to why the agent told them to list so high. It means your agent has time for you every day to strategize, negotiate, and close your deal. It means you will be happy to refer your agent to a friend or co-worker when the opportunity arises. It means you will know from start to finish that you were treated fairly, paid a fair commission to sell your home, and received a solid offer within a reasonable time frame.

So if you have a home for sale in Waukesha County, Milwaukee County, Ozaukee County, Washington County, or anywhere in the great state of Wisconsin, Redefined Realty Advisors is here for you. Sell your home with any of our experienced agents and our 3.99% commission plan – You’re going to love the experience!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes – we are members of Metro MLS (Greater Milwaukee) and South Central MLS (Greater Madison). In addition, our website property search is one of the very few powered by WIREX – a single data base of virtually every Wisconsin MLS Listing.

Yes – a 2.4% Co-Broke Commission is offered to every Realtor and is included on every residential listing. Commissions and fees on Commercial type deals are negotiated individually.

  1. Yes – just call 262-732-5800 to pair with an agent or apply online by clicking the  CMA Button at the top of the page.
  1. Yes – we are one of only a few companies that provide Zillow with all of our listings. Additionally, we feed Realtor.com, Trulia, AOL Real Estate, Yahoo Real Estate, and Listhub.com – which feeds our listings to approximately 900 more sites. We also cooperate with all well respected local Realtor sites.

Just like the traditional 6% companies, we have a team of experts to handle contracts, closing preparation, and Title orders; We handle all the Realtor calls to show your home as well as all the calls/inquiries from buyers that don’t have an agent; We show the property to every buyer that wants to see it – you don’t ever have to do that yourself; Your listing will also include a professional grade yard sign, lock box, and digital photo shoot of your property. We provide unedited feedback from every agent that shows your home via an electronic survey; We are the creators of the “Real Time Market Snapshot” – a sophisticated email program that sends you emails every time a competing house goes up for sale or goes to closing.