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The Redefined Realty Show

Redefined Realty is proud to be the producers of the longest running LIVE real estate radio show on NewsTalk 1130 WISN. Airing Saturday mornings starting at 9am, the Redefined Realty Show features industry experts and timely market information, along with tips and tricks of the trade. This show has thousands of listeners every week, both on air and through iHeart Radio, and drives tons of traffic to our website – and ultimately to your listing.

This radio show has promoted the careers of our best real estate agents as we now have 3 in the top 1% Nationally and a handful more in the top 10%. Why has this happened – because radio works! Our agents are well respected in the real estate community because of their on-air presence, hard work, and the sheer number of clients they work with. Check out the podcasts below and see for yourself.


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