Meet Team Tarantino!

Thanks for taking a moment to read about one of Metro Milwaukee’s top real estate teams – Team Tarantino.

We pride ourselves on hard work, invaluable experience, and high energy.

In 2019 we closed 194 transactions for over $55 million. That puts us right up there with the top teams from the big brokerages.

The great part about being with a smaller company is that you get that boutique feel – A personal touch that’s hard for the big box Brokers to match. Along with that though, you get the highest levels of technology available in the real estate world. From Drone Photography to 3D Floor Plans; from Professional Interior/Exterior Photos to Virtual Staging; we have access to the best of the best right here in your town.

When we list your home with our 3.99% Commission Plan the Team goes to work immediately. We don’t just sit around and wait for other Agents to call us, we actively seek out Buyers on our own. When you pay 6% to sell your home, the Listing Agent makes most of the money. It’s easy for them to sit back and relax. With our 3.99% plan, it’s important for us to find as many Buyers as possible for our listings because the Buyer’s side of the transaction makes more money. If you stop and think about it – that’s the way it should really work.

Thanks for considering Team Tarantino. We hope you give us the opportunity to meet, shake hands, and strategize about your next home sale. And don’t forget, experienced Listing Agents make great Buyer Agents – we’ll prove that to you as well.  Thanks again for the opportunity!